Is Vitamin C A Super Antioxidant Capable of Incredible Abilities to Cure Disease?

There is a controversy raging about what vitamin C can do to stop the world wide epidemic of heart disease and occlusive strokes, as well as preventing and intervening in many other major diseases.
The mainstream medical industry and the allopathic medical model may be grossly underestimating the role vitamin C can play in cures for major diseases that have become so common in this industrialized world we all live in.
There is evidence that vitamin C acts as the ultimate biological antioxidant, fighting free radicals and destroying infection. Antioxidants are not just another alternative medicine health nut fad but actually a central aspect of life on Earth. Antioxidants like vitamin C are essential for good health and disease prevention in our increasingly hostile toxic environment. Without taking in antioxidants on a daily consistent basis your chances of developing serious health conditions like cancer to heart disease may go way up.
The RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamin C set by the FDA is actually developed by Allopathy Inc. which is a cover for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The allopathic medical model focuses almost entirely on patentable drugs, surgery and radiation treatment as the primary answer to healing and curing disease, as opposed to the use of nutrients, nutritional and preventative medicine therapies.
The RDA for vitamin C is set very low at 75 to 90 milligrams which is way off what current scientific studies are finding. 2000 or more milligrams is closer to the amount of vitamin C we should be taking in to make a real difference in dealing with these major diseases.
One of the conclusions that many people are reaching concerning why the RDA is set so low for vitamin C and many other nutrients is that the allopathic medical industry does not want it to be known that a simple inexpensive natural strategy like high doses of vitamin C could actually reduce the massive incidence of heart disease, strokes, cancer, infectious diseases and other major sources of illness.
It is not the individual doctors that are perpetuating this misinformation, most doctors care about their patients and want the best for them. It is the medical establishment controlled by the pharmaceutical, hospitals and other components of the for profit medical industry. There is no profit in simple natural solutions for preventative medicine. The profits are in the focus on illness and disease after you are sick, using expensive solutions like pharmaceutical drugs, expensive hospital costs, high cost medical insurance.
If people were preventing illness before it can get started using nutrition and antioxidants like vitamin C in far larger amounts than are being recommended the basis for profits off illness and disease would decrease substantially. The allopathic medical establishment does not want this to happen. This is why critically important information about preventative nutritional strategies are suppressed. Studies on vitamin C are routinely denied funding.
It is clear to me that this allopathic medical model does not work or we would not be seeing the levels of out of control disease and illness in rich countries with all the foods and medical resources that are available.
If you are interested in a deeper understanding about all this and want to educate yourself about the use of vitamin C and preventative medicine strategies consider reading the book Ascorbate by Doctor’s Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts.

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