Anaheim Lighthouse Detox Process

Who is Anaheim Lighthouse?

They are the leading Rehab and Detox service providers in Southern California and are ray of hope to the families of drug and alcohol addicted individuals. This Detox or Rehab centre has excellent professional team who are specialized and licensed to support and provide best treatment services to the individuals who approach them to quit alcohol or drug intake. For more information about this rehab and detox centre log on to their website to avail their best treatments. Their mode of treatment is education, communication and socialization that help the individuals as well as family members to build physical and emotional stability between them.

Anaheim Lighthouse has stepped forward to change the lives of victims of drugs and alcoholism. It has qualified professional doctors and nurse who are licensed and know how to deal the addicted individuals along with their family members when the disease of addiction has taken hold. They are specialized in providing treatments for individual and group counseling therapy, Trauma Care, Focus on Dual Diagnosis, Family Intervention Services and lend Family Support.

Anaheim Lighthouse Detox Process:

It is very difficult for a family to trust any Rehab or Detox centre when comes the matter of their own family member who is suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. That’s why it is essential that they check the family intervention services provided by them before availing any treatment services.

So far they had helped many patients with speedy recovery by assessing their needs in the process of treatment. However this is not necessary that the addicted individuals should undergo detoxification. It is that process and period of time which helps them to get rid of toxic elements present in their body, those which are regarded as unhealthy substances is known as detoxification.

Once the individual agrees to detox process or recovery process they help to assess their needs and make appropriate referrals. Some individuals directly approach the detox centre for residential treatment and few get referred to their intensive outpatient services to assess their needs. When the individual is showing severe decompensation then they are immediately provided acute facility for hospital detox services. If they don’t require hospital detox then can go for residential detox services.

Both the Hospital and Residential detox services differ from each other. The Hospital includes typical sterile, institutional setup which attends 20 patients at a time whereas the Residential detox process includes an individual doctor who is licensed and  medical practitioner of attending drug or alcohol addicted individuals personally, as well as member of National Board of Psychopharmacology who knows how to use Suboxone.

It is much a kind of homelike sitting that includes facilities like at home. They have kitchens, washer/dryer services, garden, play area and comfy rooms with experienced nurses who help the individuals to face biggest challenges of their lives.


Are you in search of best rehab and detox centre then visit the website of or dial their helpline number. They are specialized to provide you best assistance to meet all your needs.

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